Here’s my story.

My name is Gergana Ivanova.

I majored in Painting and it has always made my life worthwhile. I have expressed myself in every single moment of my life with oil paints and pencils. For a number of years I haven’t had the intention of doing something else because one should commit oneself fully to painting. But painting is so hard to achieve. Sometimes it brings the painter joy and satisfaction and at times it brings sorrow. While holding the brush, I experienced new emotions and I lived in a world of my own. Accidentally, one day I happened to find out about a certain material called polymer clay. I just wanted to make some pink earrings for myself. But I was fascinated with the properties of the clay.
I started reading and looking at some articles and a lot of ideas for jewelleries started coming into my head. I already had some experience with making children toys and flowers as a cake decoration. Mostly, I made jewelleries for children. I was eager to try a lot of new things but I didn’t have the time since I had to take care of my two children. As the time passed, I reached the conclusion that my ideas had to be realized and well performed. I visited some presentations to find out how people perceived the feelings I expressed through my job. I got to know some people who made splendid stuff. Some new materials attracted my attention – wire jewellery, gemstones, wood, lether, resin jewellery and others.

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